“Is Technology a boon or a bane?”

“Is Technology a boon or a bane?”

The truth of the matter is innovation has added to noteworthy enhancements in zones of medication, correspondence, travel, human living, training. It has likewise added to an Earth-wide temperature boost, atomic stores, motorization of human life.

So is innovation acceptable or fiendish? Let us take an exceptionally straightforward case of a matchstick. One can utilize it to light a light or light a fire for cooking. It can likewise be utilized to light a fire that torches somebody’s home or a recently wide lady of the hour who has not purchased in enough endowment to fulfill her in law’s unending avarice. The matchstick without anyone else is only an innocuous item. In the hands of a mother lighting the light or the cooking fire, it gets gainful. A similar matchstick in the hands of a little thoughtless kid, could end up being deadly. Furthermore, when it turns into an instrument for the individual to torch a home, or a recently married lady, it turns into a device to murder and demolish.

Innovation resembles that matchstick, an instrument, which all alone has no utilization. It’s the point at which somebody claims it, that it turns into a shelter or a bane. A specialist could utilize the CT sweep to analyze an individual’s sickness and make the essential move. A similar specialist could likewise utilize the CT sweep to decide if the unborn kid is a female, and if indeed, get it prematurely ended. In the two cases the CT examine does likewise work it is required to. In the primary case it helps with sparing a patient’s life, in the subsequent case, it helps with ending an unborn individual’s life. The thing that matters is in the utilization, here the guilty party isn’t innovation, yet the individual utilizing it. I can utilize a blade to cut vegetables or cut a rope, I can utilize a similar blade to kill somebody. So who is to blame here, the blade or the proprietor?

Innovation is a shelter as long as it is our slave. It’s the point at which we let it become an ace, that it turns into a bane. Brain you all alone, innovation can never be your lord. We are light years from robots who can control people and man-made brainpower, so lets not go there first. At the point when you state innovation is overwhelming your life, it could be said you are permitting it to do as such. As an individual you have a mind, to choose what’s up, what’s not, when to stop, and when to get off. On the off chance that you can’t utilize that cerebrum, you don’t reserve any option to reprimand others for it. Individuals whine that innovation makes one apathetic and stout. Apologies, it’s not innovation that is to blame here, its you. In the event that you have become a habitual slouch, that is your decision. You had the decision of turning off the remote control, you didn’t. You don’t reserve any privilege to bunk about it. You find that you can’t walk in any event, for a short separation, since you turned out to be so used to taking out your vehicle in any event, for a short separation, who is to blame. You?No one put a firearm to your head, and requested that you drive the vehicle in any event, for a short separation, you did. At the point when you permit innovation to turn into an ace, as a result your releasing your life for a hurl. Tragically that is what’s going on today, where individuals are getting dependent on innovation, that they can’t do even a straightforward undertaking.

How can one guarantee innovation remains your slave not your lord? Do this straightforward exercise, before you set out to purchase that most recent contraption in the market, pose yourself one inquiry “Do I truly require this?” . We continue purchasing those extravagant PDAs with incalculable highlights, what number of us truly use them all? Is your life less commendable, in light of the fact that you don’t have that new camera telephone or thelatest Ipod or that energetic Xbox? I don’t have a **Ipod or Xbox with me, and the wireless I use is an exceptionally fundamental form, yet individuals have not quit conversing with me. On the off chance that you are purchasing something since it’s a trend or each one is having it, you are venturing out become a techno slave. Good luck if that is the means by which you need to wind up, else keep perusing. Presently once you are certain, that you do truly require it, at exactly that point feel free to take it, that too subsequent to checking the real factors. A Blackberry is quite valuable in the event that you are an individual progressing, telecommuting, and you should be in contact with your customers more often than not. In the event that you are not, its nothing better than a pretty show piece.

Furthermore, when you get it, ensure that you use it. I am a specialized individual, and nothing harms me more than to see something lying like a historical center piece. I had regularly observed this in Govt workplaces, where you had such a large number of PCs, lying around like exhibition hall pieces. All out misuse of cash, has those equivalent PC’s been given to some poor understudies, they would have utilized it in a vastly improved manner. Recollect this when you have some innovation at your home, and you are not utilizing it, in actuality, you are denying an individual, who could have utilized substantially more viably.

I was perusing an article in a Tech magazine at some point back. There was an article in the vision of things to come. So it thought of something like “Homes will be remote controlled, forced air systems will consequently alter themselves, vehicles will have progressively extravagant highlights, blah, blah”. Decent cutting edge stuff, great to envision, however how useful it will be. Each one of those extravagant stuff, will profit just a little level of populace, who can bear the cost of them, shouldn’t something be said about the rest. What’s more, that is the place I feel we have been bombing as of late. The best specialized innovations are those which have influenced the bigger mass of individuals, not only a couple of exhausted rich children. Now and again they began as rich man’s play things, yet later they separated down to the basic man. For eg the cell phone began in India as an extravagance thing, today, even the paanwala and auto driver use it.The Web, cell phone, vehicle, rail travel, CT filter have had noteworthy effect to individuals’ lives. Innovation functions as a shelter just when it influences the bigger mass of individuals, not when it is utilized to concoct extravagant devices for a little area of rich individuals. Innovation works just when it gets simpler and less expensive for individuals to utilize.


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