Art & Culture of India

Art & Culture of India

India is the nation which is mixed with different cultures and art forms. The Indian culture is very valuable and teaches a lot of things to the people. The cultural practices which happen in any area is based upon the weather, people and the environment of that place. In some areas the culture of British rule is also followed till now. From all these culture, the art grew day by day. Many dance forms, songs,handicrafts emerged from this cultural practices. In early times, many rulers ruled India, and all of them left some or the other culture in India, which is still followed now. You can download art and culture of India pdf for detailed information.

Architecture Of India – The architecture in India is inspired by overseas. European and Muslim styles are very famous in India because of their rulers.  Rock cut temples, Stambhas, Viharas, Chaityas and Stupas are built in large scale in early India. You can find more detail in art and culture of India pdf.

Temples – The Hindu temples are categorized as Vesara, Nagara, and Dravida. The temples are designed with different styles such as North Indian style, Western Indian style, Deccan style, South Indian style, etc. The temples are made of different materials like timber, clay, etc. Different temples were made in different areas with different unique materials. They are still safe and portray the Indian Culture.

Indian Music – Folk music is very famous in India. The folk music represents the culture of the area and how people live actually. Classic music is also there, which requires training and attention. the two categories in classic music are: the north Indian classical and south Indian classical.

Indian Dance – The folk dance of every state describes about its tribe and culture. The unique costumes and different makeup and hairstyles make the dancers more attractive. Some famous dance forms are kathak, odissi, mohini attam, chhau, manipuri, kuchipuri, bharatnatyam, etc. They all are very attractive dance forms and represent India very well.


Paintings – Paintings in India are inspired by real life incidents and people. They represent the culture and people very well through colors. Many famous painters have made paintings which no one can forget ever. In temples also you can find paintings of old painters.

India is a hub of culture and art. You will always find new dance forms, new songs, new paintings emerging here. You can find art and culture of India pdf in internet, you will get enough information in it.